Kundalini Yoga: Feel Smarter and Prettier


Kundalini Yoga is an art and a science. It is an applied technology transferred from teacher to student. As Kundalini Yoga teachers, we don't heal your body. We help you get the systems that heal your body running at optimal levels. 

You heal your body. You get on your mat. At that moment, for that time, wherever your body is, whatever you are craving, wherever it hurts, whatever needs peace — focus there. Heal, stimulate, relax, focus, clear and rejuvenate. 

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It’s about becoming aware of the systems that heal the body, and how they work independently and together to promote optimal health. It includes your respiratory, circulatory, nervous, glandular, digestive and lymphatic systems. Working at their highest potential, your bodily systems can cure most disease and prevent further disease. In other words, a properly supported body is a machine that heals itself and maintains vibrant levels of performance. 

When all the systems in your body are working at their greatest potential, you feel better, look better, think more clearly, use better judgment, regulate emotions and add hours of creative productivity to each day. Most importantly, you become happier. Period. Those around you become happier. Happiness is infectious. 

I do Kundalini Yoga for many reasons, the least of which is it makes me smarter and prettier. I’m vain. So be it. If you hold stock in Chanel, chances are my patronage has increased your investment. The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that I’m no longer ashamed to say it. 

And here’s the other thing. It works fast, incredibly fast. Don’t believe it? Try 10 classes in 10 weeks. If you don’t feel a measurable shift in how you think, feel and look, then forget I ever said anything. If you do, you’ve activated an ancient technology with unlimited potential for all areas of your life. 

Kundalini Yoga keeps the systems in your body simply vibrant. Come see what we’re talking about and get your dose of vibrancy. 

Sat Nam,
Cher Lukacs

Cher teaches Wednesdays at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm