Building Ojas: Using Kundalini Yoga to See Your Inner Beauty

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It’s no surprise that our diet and lifestyle choices are directly connected to our sense of vitality. I can tell when I am eating a less than optimal diet and pushing myself until I am “running on fumes.” Studying ayurveda and learning about ojas helped me learn new habits that serve me better. 

Ojas is one of the three vital essences (along with prana and tejas) that together promote and sustain our physical vitality, mental clarity and overall health. If you catch colds frequently, wake up feeling fatigued and continually operate on low energy, your ojas may need careful attention.

Ojas is a lifestyle. It’s about everything you consume and everything you expend. Ojas is that golden drop of life’s elixir created when your body and mind are in superior working condition. Where inner and outer beauty meet. 

How do we build ojas? 

  1. Optimize digestion by fueling the body with nutritious, whole foods eaten mindfully. 
  2. Stimulate the flow of ojas with yoga asanas, including Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini yoga technology states that energy created at the base of the spine is generated upward. On its journey up the spine, this energy stimulates a drop of ojas. 

Certain Kundalini Yoga exercises create a connection between the pineal and pituitary gland, turning on the brain's potential. The spine becomes relaxed and tension blocking any energy is removed. Stimulating ojas in this way benefits all systems in the body.

Ojas is the alchemy of life. It begins with Kundalini Yoga, a complete and balanced practice of asana, pranyam and meditation. In my Wednesday classes, we work Kriya to See the Inner Beauty, which is perfect for raising Kundalini energy and stimulating ojas in the body. Our meditation is  For Endless Courage and Endurance Against the Entire Universe. The title gives it away!

There is magic in Kundalini Yoga. Ojas just may provide the alchemy.

Sat Nam,
Cher Lukacs

Cher teaches Wednesdays at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm