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An Introduction to Peruvian Shamanism

Don Zane Curfman introduces us to the medicine ways of the Andes and the transformative arts of the Katari tradition of Peruvian cross-cultural shamanism.

Participants will also learn about an exciting opportunity to study with Zane in 2018 through a new Shaman Apprenticeship Program offered at Sat Nam Studios. 

The Earth honoring sacred traditions of the Andean region of Peru are among the oldest living shamanic traditions in the world. We learn the basics of the tradition: the Andean Cosmovision and the Inka prophecy. The Inka prophecy foretold of the major changes now taking place on our planet and our roles in the evolution of the collective consciousness. 

We will discover how to interact with the Kausay Pacha, "the world of living energies." Through time tested exercises and rituals we awaken our ability to sense the dynamics of energy in our life and how to redirect these energies for individual or group growth. Learn practical skills that allow you to cleanse the human energy field "poq'po," of heavy energies such as fear, anxiety and depression. Allowing you to experience a high state of personal energy, happiness and connection to life. Preparing you for the next level of your spiritual path.

Don Zane Curfman is a healer, teacher and author, who travels the country teaching the Andean spiritual and healing arts. He founded the Salka Many Ayllu, a community created to preserve folk medicine ways and earth-honoring ceremonies. He is the father of the Katari tradition of cross cultural shamanism, as well as the author of Inka Mountain Magic: A Natural Mystic's Guide to Ascension, and has authored several articles on Andean shamanism for Light Bridges and Fire Mass magazines. He has served as Interim Dean of Shamanic Studies for the international Metaphysical University for the winter and spring semesters of 2009-2010.

Cost: $88.00 (until October 31); $99.00 (on or after November 1) 

Questions? Contact Randy Keller at or 216.634.0515. Click here to order tickets.

Earlier Event: October 29